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Welcome to Boonesborough Elementary School!  We want the school year to be full of fun and wonder for students, staff and parents.  There are goals that we have and feelings that we want every child who walks through our doors to experience.


  • One of our goals is for your child to love learning and to develop habits that will lead to him or her becoming a life-long learner.  As adults, we are always learning new things.  One of the differences between children and adults is that adults generally choose what they want to learn about:  this year it might be learning to paddle board, but next year it might be how to knit. Adults invest in their learning because it is usually based on choice.  We want to give our students opportunities to have choice in their learning at times as well. Learning never stops, no matter how old we are and it is fun!!
  • Another goal that we have is that our students develop a strong work ethic.  None of us are great at everything we do the first time we do it.  Sometimes things are hard to learn. We want our students to experience hard work and to learn how to persevere through difficulties.  We want them to feel the sense of accomplishment when they have worked hard to succeed. We want them to have a sense of pride in their work.  These things can only happen when a child puts forth effort and spends time engaged in meaningful work that challenges them. Whether it is learning how to jump rope, play the ukulele, add and subtract fractions, or to read for the first time, if it is worth it, you have to work for it!!
  • A third goal that we have is that our students learn to get along and learn to work with others.  Whether in the workforce, at church, or in a marriage, our culture depends upon its citizens to be able to work together for a common goal for the common good.  


As you can see, not only do we want your students to be academically successful, we want your child to be socially and emotionally successful as well.  Each of these elements is crucial to becoming a well-rounded, happy individual. We will be working closely with you and your family to help your student be successful each and every day!


We are so happy for you to join the Boonesborough family.  Welcome to our den where we inspire, empower, and grow each day!